Dissemination and Communication

LYCOCARD (LYCOpene-CARDiovascular) was a 5-year, EC-funded integrated project that ran from April 2006 to March 2011.

The aim of the project was to identify exactly why lycopene - a plant pigment found in high concentration in red fruits, especially tomatoes - may play an important role in protecting citizens by preventing cardiovascular disease.

Caledonian Science Press was the LYCOCARD Project dissemination partner, responsible for communicating information about the project to all sections of society. This goal was achieved by utilising both old and new promotional thinking, from magazine adverts to online video shorts.

A consumer education website, Tomato+Health was conceived - where the broader tomato lycopene story could be told - establishing the project's position within the broader context.

Tomato+Health offered a wide variety of fascinating resources, ranging from cooking videos to education packs and childrens' mazes to up-to-date tomato news stories.

The LYCOCARD project website was taken offline in 2022
Tomato+Health was taken offline in 2022