Project partnerships

We have been contracted as concept engineers on a number of European Commission research projects, helping tell the stories behind advancements in the fields of Nanotechnology, Photonics and Public Health Nutrition. Below are five completed projects, and one ongoing:

nanodemThe EU-funded research project Nanodem is currently developing a state-of-the-art device, which will allow the automatic measurement of post-operative therapeutic drugs with a narrow therapeutic range and serious potential side effects.

CSP were responsible for production for the Nanodem project video.
A case study is available HERE

hemospecWithin the EU-supported research project HemoSpec, a multidisciplinary team of researchers, clinicians and engineers from six European countries has joined forces to develop an innovative device for early, fast and reliable medical diagnosis of infectious diseases and sepsis using only minimal amounts of patient's blood.

CSP were responsible for production for the HemoSpec project video.
A case study is available HERE

the tomato foundationThe Tomato Foundation is an NGO focussed on driving global health improvements through the funding of research to prevent and reverse diet-related diseases and the advocacy of evidence-based healthy lifestyle opportunities.
CSP established the Tomato Foundation as a legacy spin-off at the end of the LYCOCARD project.

More on the Tomato Foundation HERE

LHFIn 2011 Caledonian Science Press also helped launch a fresh initiative called LoveHeartFood, which aims to join the fight against youth obesity by encouraging teenagers and young adults to cook through the power of Rock, Buzz 'n' Roll.

CSP creates and controls every facet from the music to the mozzarella.
Be warned... This is the loudest cooking show out there!

LoveHeartFood was taken offline in 2022

HGThe HEALTHGRAIN Integrated Project (EC-funded) aimed to improve well-being of consumers and to reduce the risk of metabolic diseases in Europe by increasing the intake of protective compounds in whole grains or their fractions. The focus was on producing health promoting and safe cereal foods and ingredients of high quality which are attractive to consumers.

Caledonian Science Press was contracted to design and build a central consumer-based portal (Cereals+Health) and ready it with an initial amount of engaging multimedia content aimed at a broad age range.

Cereals+Health can be found HERE

LYCOLYCOCARD (LYCOpene-CARDiovascular) was a 5-year, EC-funded integrated project that ran from April 2006 to March 2011 with the aim of identifying exactly why lycopene, sourced mostly from processed tomato products, may play an important role in protecting citizens by preventing cardiovascular disease.

Caledonian Science Press was the LYCOCARD Project dissemination partner, responsible for communicating information about the project to all sections of society. This goal was achieved by utilising both old and new promotional thinking, from magazine adverts to online video shorts.

More on the LYCOCARD project HERE