The Tomato Foundation

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Caledonian Science Press established the Tomato Foundation in October 11th 2011 as a legacy entity from the EU, FP6 research project LYCOCARD, which ran from 2006 to 2011. LYCOCARD’s research investigated the link between the potent carotenoid lycopene, most bioavailable from processed tomato products, and the associated reduction of cardiovascular disease risk.

The Tomato Foundation funds research to prevent and reverse diet-related diseases. Improving and maintaining good public health is a high priority for territorial administrations. The recent pandemic has shown the importance of strong public health systems, which have stabilised societies and economies globally. Disease prevention and reversal can reduce the physical and economic strain on public health systems. The Tomato Foundation’s mission supports this strategy.

Personal health is known to depend largely on our diet and lifestyle choices as well as the environment we live in. Improving the quality of our diet and lifestyle, where we can, will have immediate positive consequences.

Caledonian Science Press is fully and independently responsible for all Foundation research, production and communication actions.