Our mission

"At CSP, we are committed to transforming the global scientific conversation, through the integration of fresh thinking and new technologies. Our mission is to empower scientists, researchers, and institutions to exchange knowledge, insights and results to peers, stakeholders and citizens, accelerating the pace of discovery and driving positive change for society.”

With two decades of expertise in scientific communication and exploitation, Caledonian Science Press SL. has served as a trusted dissemination partner and contractor for multiple Global and European initiatives.

Our core team excels at all aspects of modern communications, community building and empowerment and in producing and publishing targeted content, tailored for a variety of media platforms. As a scientific publisher, we are accustomed to working with both paywall-protected and open access platforms. NFP publishing collaborations represent over half our workload.

We have a knack for distilling complex scientific concepts into relatable human stories. Whether it's advancing early disease detection or promoting nutrition education across age groups, we connect a project's objectives to everyday realities. Our offerings span scientific publishing, digital media promotion, and specialised editorial services, available in multiple major languages.

Leveraging our communications experience and professional networking, we amplify the reach and impact of our digital resources. This targeted approach bolsters the synergistic and complementary objectives that our publications aim to achieve.

Our in-house capabilities include a robust team specialising in audio-visual production, creative design, technical expertise, and strategic communications. Beyond creating compelling digital materials, we offer strategic counsel for marketing and communications campaigns that leverage our publications. Utilising state-of-the-art multimedia tools, we broadcast and disseminate timely project updates, interviews, and success stories, thereby equipping project ambassadors with captivating content tailored for target audiences.

As part of our ongoing commitment to health and well-being, we founded the Tomato Foundation, a non-profit organisation focusing on nutrition research and healthy lifestyle advocacy, originally spun off from the FP6 project, LYCOCARD.

For more information, please get in touch - aloha@caledoniansciencepress.com